California Pocket BrainBook 2023 - LIMITED QUANTITIES REMAIN
Pocket Brainbook

California Pocket BrainBook 2023 - LIMITED QUANTITIES REMAIN

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All new data for 2024 and beyond will be a newly redesigned App (Apple or Android) and these hard copy books are almost sold out.  

**NEW Thinner design for better comfort in your pocket!

Designed for ALL California Police!

The California Pocket Brainbook 2023 is designed to be a quick reference guide for not only the rookie but even the most veteran of officers. Any Law Enforcement Officer can benefit from using this book from PD, Sheriff, and Marshall, to Probation and Social Workers. Whatever codes you need, it’s in there, and in alphabetical order. It's 3 3/4" x 5" and fits in your uniform pocket. Here's what's included:

  • 30-Day Hold Cheater
  • 4th Amendment
  • A to Z Index
  • ABC Laws
  • Alcohol Violations
  • Bail Schedule
  • Calendar - Track O.T./Court
  • California Courts
  • California Hotlines
  • California Probation Offices
  • California Sheriff Depts.
  • Case Law
  • CHP Area Offices
  • Commercial Vehicle Violations
  • CPR Cheat Sheet
  • Crime Elements
  • Domestic Violence Categories
  • Drug Chart
  • Drug Dosages
  • Drug Photos
  • Drug Symptomology
  • Emergency Information
  • Exigent Circumstances
  • Field Sobriety Tests
  • Gate Codes
  • Gladys R. Admonition
  • Health and Safety Code
  • Informants/Contacts
  • Juvenile Violations
  • Keys to the castle
  • Locker Combinations
  • Log-Ins and Passwords
  • Miranda Rights
  • Municipal Codes
  • New Laws 
  • Notes
  • Penal Code
  • Search Warrants
  • Smart Phone Scan Codes
  • Testifying in Court Tips
  • Vehicle Code
  • Vehicle License Plates
  • Vehicle Theft Violations